Strategies for Branching Excellence eBooks
Perfect for personal development, training, and coaching. Each eBook contains practical tips, thinking points, and narratives to use for every day situations. These eBooks are THE BEST OF THE BEST, reprints from past BML issues. Delivered via email in PDF. To purchase an eBook for $50 or request the Table of Contents CONTACT.

Leadership for Branching Excellence                    
Learn how effective leaders successfully motivate employees, enhance client experience, deliver service excellence, capture market share, and achieve personal career growth and satisfaction.  45+ topics

Sales Strategies for Financial Institutions

Learn how effective salespeople are committed to improving clients' financial lives and building relationships built on trust and integrity - needs-based selling strengthens relationships.  50+ topics

Leading Your Frontline Team

Become skilled at leading your team to achieve high levels of performance, exceed goals, and enjoy what they do.
50+ topics

Service That Delivers Excellence

Service is at the core of achieving high levels of client satisfaction and building positive name recognition in your market.  70+ topics